Welcome to the Walker College of Business Academic Advising Center

The Walker College of Business Academic Advising Center is a centralized advising center staffed by professional advisors and records specialists who serve current and prospective BSBA majors, BA-Economics majors and other students taking business courses at Appalachian State University.  The center is located in 2126 Peacock Hall (formerly Raley Hall), which is just inside the Marshall A. Croom Student Services Center.  Students can visit the center for assistance with academic planning, registration assistance and senior checks.  Students who have declared a BSBA degree or a BA-ECO degree should refer to the "COB Advising Handbook" tab at the top of this page for information about advising in the Walker College of Business.

(Registration Access Dates/Times

Important Dates

(all dates subject to change)

Grades Due
December 12

End of Term Reports
December 14-20 (tentative)

COB Admit Report
Approximately December 16

Graduation Shortage Notices
Approximately December 16 - 20
Sent to Appstate Email Address 

Advising Closed for Winter Break
December 21-January 2

Advising Open for Spring 2017
January 3

First Day of Class
January 17 




Click HERE for a more comprehensive list of changes for the 2016-2017 catalog and previous catalogs.

2016-2017 Course Number Changes

  • CIS 4840 (Advanced Security) changed to CIS 3440 (Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures) - prereq: CIS 3840 - on demand
  • MKT 3052 changed to MKT 3215 (Professional Selling) - F/S
  • MKT 3210 changed to MKT 3285  (Retail Management) - on demand
  • MKT 3230 (Business to Business Marketing) changed to MKT 3280 (Business to Business Buyer Behavior) - F/S
  • MKT 4100 (Marketing Management) changed to MKT  4650 (Strategic Marketing Management) - F/S
  • MKT 4610 changed to MKT 3270 (Consumer Behavior) - F/S 
  • POM 3650 changed to SCM 3650 (Production and Operations Management) - F/S
Selected Topics Business Courses - Fall 2016
  • BUS 3541 (Career Achievement) - prereq: 54 earned hours - counts as COB elective and free elective
  • ECO 3530 (Game Theory) - prereq: 54 earned hours - counts as general ECO elective, COB elective and free elective
  • FIN 3545 (Tycoons, Titans and Founders) - prereq: 54 hours, COB Honors - counts as F&B Elective Set 2, RMI major elective, COB Honors course, COB elective, free elective
  • MKT 3530 (Digital Marketing) - prereq: MKT 3050 with min. grade C - counts as MKT major elective, COB elective, free elective

Selected Topics Business Courses - Spring 2017

  • HOS 3532 (Craft Beverage and Tourism - prereq: HOS 2000 - counts as HOS major elective, HOS minor elective, COB elective, free elective